What fish species does SmartFish work with?

Currently SmartFish calculates relative weight values for largemouth bass and bluegill sunfish for all regions of the U.S. 

Additional species will be added based on anglers’ and lake managers’ input.

What units do I use when weighing or measuring fish?

In the SmartFish app, you may choose from a variety of English and metric units and formats to use for entering length and weight data.

How closely should I measure my fish?

Be as precise as possible.

Most commercially available measuring boards only go to ¼ inch intervals.  We prefer 1/8 inch or less. 

Using a metric scale such as millimeters (mm) is much easier and quicker than deciphering and entering fractional lengths.

What is total length?

Total length is measured by closing the fish’s mouth, having its nose touching the front of the measuring board (0”), keeping the fish flat on the measuring surface, squeezing its tail together and taking the longest length reached.

Watch our YouTube release on properly measuring your fish.

Do I have to log in throughout my fishing trip to enter data in SmartFish?

Once you register at smartfishapp.com, use the same username and password to login on the SmartFish App (access login via the Options menu on the SmartFish App).  We recommend staying logged in- this insures your app is ready to accept and log (save) your fish data at any time.  Most folks don't keep their username and password handy; logging in every trip is cumbersome.  SmartFish does not track your location or gather any data from your phone when logged in.

What happens to my data if I lose cell phone signal?

As long as there is enough storage space on your cell phone, the app will save your data on your phone and download it to your database once you return to adequate cell network.

Does my location affect the relative weight calculation?

No.  Relative weight is based on standard weight equations developed from fish sampled from across every U.S. region.

What relative weight should I use to determine harvest or release?

It depends…on your lake, your geographic location, your current and past management steps, and your goals. 

As a general guideline, largemouth bass in a balanced lake (one with ample prey and habitat) will have relative weights from 90 – 100. Thus, harvest in this situation would focus on bass with relative weights below 90.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a professional do an evaluation of your lake or pond in order to prescribe relative weight-based harvest targets.

Does season affect relative weights?

In many cases yes. 

Spawning affects relative weights both before and after the spawn, however, if fish go into the spawn in excellent shape, the effects of spawning should not significantly affect relative weight. 

Another reason to work with a professional on identifying thresholds for relative weight-based harvest and timing.

If I am not a subscriber to the database option, can I access data I previously entered?

Once you download SmartFish to your mobile device, you have the opportunity to view and download your data for one month at no charge. Simply go to smartfishapp.com and register as a new user. 

After this initial month however, a subscription would be required to view and download your data.  Keep in mind after the first free month, SmartFish does not log any further data until you subscribe.

How long is my data available for downloading?

All data will be available for downloading a minimum of one calendar year. 

Ample notice will be given to users when/if data will have to be purged from server/cloud.

How do I allow a lake management company to access my data?

During the subscription registration process, you will be asked to provide the name of your lake management company (who also must be a registered subscriber to SmartFish). Your data will show up under both your account and their account in the database. 

You may choose not to share your data or if you begin working with a lake management company, you can edit your preferences at any time.

Will SmartFish use my data?

It is our view that your data is your data.  SmartFish will not use your fish data.  We do reserve the right to use demographics from SmartFish users in our marketing and testimonial promotions, for example x-number of lake owners in Alabama use SmartFish, or we had x-number of subscribers from the northeastern U.S. 

We will rely on our users and partners to provide data and/or results voluntarily for any corporate showcase or advertising efforts.

How do Club subscriptions work?

Club subscriptions allow multiple anglers to log and save their catch and harvest data into one central database. One club member/officer/administrator registers the account with SmartFish and provides the account login info (username, password) to the club anglers. All will have the same login credentials to make it simple for everyone. This option solves the challenge of collecting vital fish catch and harvest data from a group of anglers such as a fishing club or homeowners association.

Only one single payment for club subscriptions is allowed by SmartFish, so each group will need to pool their funds and have member/officer/administrator register and submit payment.