Free SmartFish App Download

SmartFish is free to download and use to calculate relative weights.
Install the application to your smartphone from App Store or Google Play.
Complete your registration at SmartFish User Portal to receive one free month of database access, which allows users to save and download their catch and harvest data for 30 days.

SmartFish Angler Subscription

The SmartFish Angler option allows you to save catch and harvest data (for tracking annual management progress, downloading, and saving data), and option to share with a lake management company of your choice. Designed for one angler.

SmartFish Angler Cost: $ 20.00 /year

SmartFish Club Subscription

The SmartFish Club option allows a group to save catch and harvest data and the option to share data with a lake management company of their choice. One administrator/registrant per club account and all catch and harvest data from anglers is saved to the club account (for tracking annual management progress, downloading and saving data). All users log into the same account. Choose subscription option that fits the size of your club or organization.

Club 5 (Up to 5 anglers) Cost: $ 90.00/year

Club 10 (Up to 10 anglers) Cost: $ 160.00/year

Club 25 (Up to 25 anglers) Cost: $ 350.00/year

Club 50 (Up to 50 anglers) Cost: $ 600.00/year

Club 75+ (75+ anglers) Cost: $ 750.00/year

How To Pay For Your Subscription

  1. Login / register into SmartFish User Portal
  2. Select Profile in the top menu
  3. Go to Payments
  4. Select desired Services option and proceed with the payment
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